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Become a Baseball Member and enjoy use of our entire facility anytime you want!  Members get a key to the facility via our key system app, unlimited use of our cages, tee stations, pitching machines, plyo balls/wall, mounds, bullpens, smashville areas, fielding, throwing, etc.  With a membership, you will also get discounted lessons/private training which include hitting, pitching, fielding, strength/conditioning, arm care, and much more!  JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

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20,000 sq ft Baseball Training Facility Located in Habersham County, GA


Are you old school or new school?

At The Velo Factory, we are happy to be able to blend the best of both worlds. There are many ways to teach and train players. We try to find the best “fit” for the player. Some players need to know their data and some don’t. But as a coach, if you aren’t measuring…How do you know they are improving? Can you just see the result? We see the process and the result so we can create the most efficient path to success. We use our eyes and patterns but also slow motion technology of video and resources like Rapsodo, Blast Motion, Diamond Kinetics, etc. to know what is really going on. Are we old school too? Absolutely. We believe in hard work, dedication, and grit. The technology we have also makes training enjoyable, engaging, and competitive.


Come see a team practice on the Hitting Rapsodo and be the judge.